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Conduct of council

  • Prior to the beginning of the fall semester, the council will meet for a retreat to report on the past academic year's progress and to plan the coming year.
  • At this retreat, the council will be charged with two tasks, one from the president and provost, and the other from The Women's Place.
  • At this retreat the council will determine any additional focus areas for its work during the year
  • The council will meet at least every other month as a full council, and as necessary in subcommittees to address the tasks and goals for the year
  • The council will track the progress of and regularly report to the university community on:
    1. Action items it has proposed for implementation;
    2. Items chosen by the president and provost from that list for implementation and the progress of that implementation; and
    3. The items not chosen for implementation along with the reasons for the non-selection.
  • The council will develop a regular reporting relationship to the president and provost; and
  • The council will be supported by the executive staff of The Women's Place to carry out its work.