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Call for nominations (due by Thursday, December 21, 2017)

Are you interested in the advancement of all women at Ohio State? Would you like to make an impact on the working environment for staff and faculty women? A three-year President and Provost’s Council on Women (PPCW) term offers an exciting opportunity to work with dynamic people from across the university.

The mission of PPCW is to advocate to the president and provost for the advancement of all women at The Ohio State University and provide leadership for the development of policies and practices that positively affect the working environment for women employed at The Ohio State University.

Meetings occur monthly along with task force assignments that include work outside of the regularly scheduled monthly meetings. The president and provost will appoint members from the nominations.

If you are interested in nominating someone or nominating yourself for a position on the President and Provost’s Council on Women, please submit your nomination via the web form link at the bottom of this page. Note, if your submission is not for yourself, please contact the potential nominee to get their permission. The form will ask for the following information:

  • If your submission is not for yourself, have you notified the nominee about this nomination?
  • Nominee’s Name
  • Nominee’s Title
  • Nominee’s Department/Unit
  • Nominee’s Position (Faculty, Staff, or Both)
  • Nominee’s Email Address
  • Nominee’s Phone Number
  • Nominee’s Years Worked at the University
  • Nominee’s Supervisor’s Name
  • Nominee’s Supervisor’s Email Address
  • Submitted by
  • Statement of commitment (see details below)

You will be asked to include a statement (up to 3,300 characters including spaces/approximately 500 words) that communicates:

  1. The nominee’s commitment to be an active and engaged member of the PPCW
  2. Evidence of past involvement in university women’s initiatives
  3. Why you believe the nominee should be selected to be a part of the council

Please note: This form field is set up such that if your statement exceeds 3,300 characters including spaces, the extra characters will not be included in your submission.

Nominations are due by Thursday, December 21, 2017, 5pm. Questions? Please contact Lisa Borelli, PPCW Past-Chair, lisa.borelli@osumc.edu.



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