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Officers of council and terms

(These terms will be served outside of the normal three year term. Ex officio members are not eligible to hold offices.)

  • Chair, one-year term - the chair is responsible for vision and leadership; ensuring that appropriate processes are following to fulfill the requirements in this document and the assignments of the President and Provost; calling and presiding at council meetings; setting the agenda for those meetings; working with The Women's Place to make sure logistics work smoothly; and representing PPCW on other university bodies as appropriate
  • Chair-elect, one-year term - the chair-elect serves as the deputy and representative for the chair in any circumstance in which the chair is unavailable; attends all PPCW meetings; works with The Women's Place staff to plan the end of summer retreat; provides leadership continuity from one year to the next and takes on other duties as assigned by the chair
  • Immediate past-chair, one-year term - the immediate past-chair attends all PPCW meetings; provides institutional memory and continuity to the PPCW and organizes the year's search for new council members

A chair and chair-elect of the council will be proposed by the council to be appointed by the president and provost to a one-year term each. The immediate past-chair will serve an additional year following the end of the term as chair.

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